Dealing with Business Mistakes January 27, 2021, 6:30pm EST January 27, 2021, 8:00pm EST

Mistakes are inevitable in life, and your business is no exception. But successfully recovering and thriving after a mistake is what really separates the big winners in business from leaders who just manage to hang on. In this webinar, a team of experienced entrepreneurs and small business owners will share their personal experiences, from minor errors to full-on catastrophe, and provide an overview of how you can manage and recover when things go awry in your own enterprise.

In this webinar, panelists will cover the nuts and bolts of mistake identification, potential effects, and other need-to-know information from discovery to recovery. They will also share stories of their own business mistakes and how they managed their way forward to success. Discussion topics include:

Fear: It's Impact and How To Avoid It
Letting Go Of Your Ego
Setting SMART Goals For Success
Recognizing Mistakes
Clear Steps To Overcoming Mistakes
Extracting the Lesson
Seeking Out Guidance

At the end of the hour, you will understand why great business leaders accept that mistakes are part of the process and can even create opportunities that can lead to increased prosperity.

Your Presenters

Odeh Ahmad – CFO and managing partner of a transportation company
Mike Glicksman – Small business owner, manufacturer, and product developer
Larry Matte – Marketing professional and co-owner of a marketing services and software company
Curtis Springstead – business improvement consultant and software developer