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After being with the FBI for 12 years, I joined a small business services firm and ultimately ran the business. This experience gave me the confidence to start a competing business in 1991. I started the business out of my home and to get it going, I had put together a business plan, secured an SBA loan and ran the company profitably for 27 years - ultimately having 30 employees. I sold the business in 2018 but still remain the chairman. I learned so much as a business owner - more than any textbook can tell you. I had to sink-or-swim in critical fields that my business was dependent on: sales, branding, public speaking, writing, public relations, and the constantly changing technology landscape. (The internet was not around 30 years ago!). I learned how to attract and retain smart employees, how to network for potential business opportunities and stay friendly with competitors. The most important thing I learned is that to have a successful business you need to have relevant industry experience, be prepared and determined to succeed. Business owners make many mistakes - it is so important to learn from them. I would be happy to share my experiences with start-up entrepreneurs or companies facing challenges and would eagerly discuss my mistakes, successes and how I eventually deployed a next generation management team and sold my company.

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Ken Springer

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