Agnet Dinger started Pink Entourage as an eco-friendly salon in 2012. Since then, she has expanded the business to include production – making her own line of custom beauty products out of premium natural and organic ingredients. Pink Entourage now makes hair, skin, and body care products, as well as makeup. The salon specializes in hair color, styling, precision haircuts, makeup application, brow defining, and lash application.

My successes. 

After launching her own makeup and skin care lines, Dinger will soon launch a line of pet grooming products.

How SCORE helped. 

Dinger’s SCORE mentors Charles Dye and Larry Matte helped her launch her products and improve her financial know-how to increase revenue and make her business successful.

Dinger advises other potential small business owners, “In the beginning, you will be CEO, CFO, COO - it gets easier.  It’s like birthing a baby and watching them grow!”

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