What inspired you to start your business? 

My previous career had been in corporate food service, where I utilized both organizing and productivity skills. After I married and started a family, I stayed home as a “domestic engineer” for five years. I knew I wanted a new position to work around the priority of raising my family, so I was thinking about some kind of entrepreneurial work. It was my husband who suggested I become a professional organizer because he said, “Jean Marie, you are always organizing things, people events…why don’t you become an organizer?” And so, I did. 

What is your relationship with SCORE? 
SCORE client
What influenced you to seek help from SCORE? 

I had always heard positive remarks relative to SCORE. Then I attended a chamber event where Pat Saporito (my mentor now) was at the meeting. I decided I could use the help and SCORE’s expertise, so I connected with her.

How SCORE helped. 

When I connected with my mentor, I have to say I was lost after the pandemic. Pat helped me see many roads of revenue streaming outside of my in-person physical work to collect payment. She has helped me polish and shine my 3-hour CE course, “Decluttering and Organizing Your Properties for Profit,” that I (we) have developed for real estate agents, the development of a digital product called a MAPP™ which came out of that course and now I am even considering writing a book based on this presentation as a How-To Guide.

What would you tell a fellow business owner about SCORE? 

This is probably the best professional, free business advice you can get in New Jersey. You’ll need to do your homework, but when the student is ready, the teacher is at SCORE.

Jm Herron

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